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Start your business the right way. Our company structures make it simple to register the correct legal entity for your business, whether you are a small, medium or large business, a sole trader or non-profit.

Private Limited Company

By far the most popular type of company registered in Zimbabwe is a company limited by shares, commonly known as a Private Limited Company or PLC. Its purpose is to make profit and distribute it to the owners of the company (shareholders). The main advantage of this type of corporate structure is to protect the personal assets of the owners as their liability is limited to the value of the shares issued.


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Private Business Corporation

Private Business Corporations (PBCs) are the second most popular company registered in Zimbabwe and are ideal for small businesses or professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects or business consultants who wish to retain the flexibility of a traditional partnership but require the benefits of a Private Limited Company. Register Your Company can quickly and easily register your Private Business Corporation within 7-9 working days.

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Limited By Guarantee

A Limited by Guarantee (LBG) company is very much like a standard private limited company (PLC); however, it does not have shareholders but instead has guarantors who undetake to contribute an amount of money should the business be wound up. This type of corporate entity is normally used by non-profit organisations such as sports clubs, associations, societies, charities or community projects with specific goals in mind.

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Need help choosing a company structure

Our expert team can help you identify the ideal company structure for your business. Call, text or WhatsApp and speak to a helpful member of our team on:- 0786 507 158 or (0242) 753 168

Register your company in 4 steps

Step 1

Choose a company type

Determine your preferred company structure. Register Your Company ensures your company is registered as fast as possible. We can help you register:

Step 2

Choose a registration package

Select from our company registration packages; Private Limited Company Packages and Private Business Corporation Packages. If you’re overseas, you may be interested in our Non Resident Packages.


Step 3

Submit your company details

Fill out your company details, including company names, directors and shareholders, information, the Zimbabwean addresses of the company, the core business objectives, and leave us to take care of the rest. If you have any questions, please review this company registration checklist or call us at 0786 507 158 or (0242) 753 168; one of our agents will gladly assist you. This can be done online or at our offices.


Step 4

Company Incoporation

Once you have submitted your company registration form, we will conduct a name search and the results will be available within 24 working hours. We will then prepare company documents for signing and final lodging. Your company is usually incorporated within 5-7 working days.

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No Hidden Charges

We believe in clear and transparent pricing. The price advertised on this website is the price you pay. And guess what, any consultancy is absolutely FREE!

Trusted Service

Our company is proud of the service we provide. We have been trusted by over 1000 clients to help register many thousands of companies for them.

Speedy Service

We are a registered company registration agent and we are given first preference. Our company registration service takes 5-7 working days.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices and an array of company registration packages. Our main goal is helping you register a company with the least cost possible and help you succeed.

30+ Years Experience

Our team has vast experience when it comes to registering companies in Zimbabwe. We have professional’s who are experts in their fields ready to help and assist you.

Great service guaranteed

By working with us, be confident that a great service is guaranteed. We are committed to providing you with; the best service, up-to-date information and an easy company registration procedure.

Not in Zimbabwe, and need to register a company? Take a look at our non-residence packages

Register Your Company in Zimbabwe, with a local company address and local proxy director to meet Zimbabwe's company registration requirements. We offer easy and reliable company registrations for non-Zimbabwe residents.
Company registration in Zimbabwe non residence

Not in Zimbabwe and need to register a company? Take a look at our non-residence packages

Register Your Company in Zimbabwe, with a local company address and local proxy director to meet Zimbabwe company registration requirements. We offer easy and reliable company registrations for non-Zimbabwe residents.

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Start your company registration process with us

Register Your Company is a registered company registration agent with the Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property (DCIP). We aim to provide a simple, seamless company registration process. Register your company with us within 5-7 working days.

We offer personal knowledgeable guidance

We have the expertise to advise which is the best company structure for your business. Most customers come to us for help registering a company limited by shares popularly known as a Private Limited Comany or PLC. The Private Limited Company structure is popular as it allows profits to be distributed amongst the shareholders while at the same time protecting them through the limited liability aspect. The shareholders benefit from the Private Limited Company structure because they are protected from any financial debts the company may have accumulated. There are many types of company models available including Private Business Corporations, Limited by Guarantee, Foreign Companies etc, and we can help you navigate through the confusion.

Our team are experts in company registration in Zimbabwe

99% of our customer think our service is excellent or great. We have worked hard to achieve that result, and with over 30 years’ combined industry experience we are proud to be one of the leading providers specialising in company registration in Zimbabwe and providing ongoing professional company secretarial services for many different company types. We are relied on by hundreds of customers each year around Zimbabwe.

We make registering a company in Zimbabwe simple and reliable

As one of the few official Company Registration agents in Zimbabwe, we have built strong ties with the Companies Registry since 2014. Since we began, our goal has been to provide a seamless company registration procedure that is quick and simple. Today, our company registration procedure is one of the simplest in Zimbabwe. In just over 5 minutes you can submit your new company information for registration, and often in just 7-9 working days, your company will be fully registered. We also keep our registration pricing competitive, while always exploring innovative ways to provide value to our customers. We are pleased to be one of the most affordable ways to start a company in Zimbabwe.

You will always have an experienced team at your fingertips

Our clients have access to free support from an expert team. We are always on standby to help. If you need assistance at any point before, during, and after the registration of your company, you will be able to reach us by phone, WhatsApp, text, email or you can even visit our offices.

We have registered 4000+ companies in Zimbabwe and our customers always say our service is great

Do not just take our word for it, check out some of our customers’ reviews

I found these guys when i just searched about company registration in Zimbabwe on Google Registering a company with Register Your Company is easy and quick! I registered 2 companies with them in the past 2 years. They offer many services to help you mantain the company and they even send you reminders for important deadlines. Also, the customer service is great, and super quick in dealing with any queries. I have just been assisted by Tanaka for an issue that I was having, he has been very patient and helpful. Can really recommend this company.
Susan Shumba (UK)

Founder, Improvin Incorporated (Private) Limited

I had the best company registration experience with Register Your Company. They were very quick in everything they did and they always got back to me at every stage of the registration process. They are very patient and explained everything since this whole thing was new to me. They have a great team. Thank you, especially to Margaret for being so patient and quick with her responses! I highly recommend them if you wish to register a company in Zimbabwe!
Shayne Muza (ZIM)

Founder, Shamuza Farming (Private) Limited

More Company Registration Types


Shelf Companies

A shelf company is an already registered company that has gone through the whole process of company registration in Zimbabwe. It was created and left with no activity – metaphorically put on the “shelf” to “age”. The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through the procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe.


View Shelflist

Branch/Foreign Company

A foreign company or branch is a company or other association of persons incorporated outside Zimbabwe which has established a place of business in Zimbabwe. Every foreign company or branch should register in Zimbabwe with the Companies Registry. Register Your Foreign/Branch Company with Zimbabwe’s leading company registration agent.

Read More

Partnerships/Syndicates/ Joint Ventures/Consortium/ Clubs & Unregistered Associations

These are associations of individuals, companies or other business entities, or other bodies corporate or unincorporated, formed for the purpose of conducting and carrying out some particular business transaction. Legalise your partnership, association, joint venture, consortium or club by registering at the Companies Registry

Read More

We also register Trusts, Churches & Foundations

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Why choose us to Register Your Company in Zimbabwe?

Our team has well over 30-years of combined experience registering companies in Zimbabwe and providing secretarial services for corporates that help hundreds of our clients register and mantain their businesses every year.

We are incredibly passionate about the quality of our service, and we are incredibly proud of our customer feedback, as shown by our excellent reviews. Time and time again, we are selected for the value and expertise that our team is known for.

We have been based in Harare since 2019; gaining valuable insights in this industry and building relationships with the Companies Registry office and fortunatley, our relationships continue to thrive.

We have helped shape the industry by providing innovative business services and bundled packages that have evolved alongside the needs of our customers.

An agent trusted by accountants & lawyers

We offer a tried and tested service that can be relied on. We have registered thousands of companies for lawyers, accountants and other professionals who use our reliable service to register companies for their own clients.

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Expert guidance on company registration in Zimbabwe

Requirements for ZIMRA registration

Requirements for ZIMRA registration

After registering your company in Zimbabwe, you are also required to register with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) within 30 days of starting to trade. However, the are some requirements that are needed when you register. But before we delve into that, lets find out why you should register with...

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Certificate of Incorporation defined

Certificate of Incorporation defined

The thought of registering a company in Zimbabwe can bring up images of continuous paperwork, unforgiving filing, and an unending number of documents. While a professional company registration agent can help with the majority of these things, it’s still important to understand the key documents and...

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Company registration in Zimbabwe frequently asked questions

What is company registration in Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, company registration is the process of legally establishing a business entity as a separate legal entity from its owners. This means that the company has its own legal personality, separate from its owners, and can enter into contracts, own property, and sue or be sued in its own name and the personal assets of the shareholders are separated from the business.

In Zimbabwe, companies are registered under the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32) and the Act provides for the registration of various types of companies, including Private Limited Companies (PLC), Private Business Corporations (PBC’s), Companies Limited by Guarantee, Associations, Foreign Companies, etc.

What is the total cost for company registration in Zimbabwe?
Company registration in Zimbabwe cost US$65.00 for the Starter Private Business Corporation Package and US$120.00 for the Starter Private Limited Company Package. This consists of the Companies Registry fees. Please take a look at our exhastive list of company registration prices:- Private Limited Company PackagesPrivate Business Corporation Packages and Non-Resident Packages.
What is the best company type I should register?
Most companies being registered in Zimbabwe are companies limited by shares popularly known as Private Limited Companies (PLC’s). They are used to conduct normal commercial business with the purpose of the owners (shareholders) making a profit, whilst providing limited liability protection that is, the shareholders personal finances and property is protected should the company hit financial problems.

Alternatively, you can register a Private Business Corporation (PBC). This is usually registered by small businesses or proffesionals who might want to operate as individuals such as architects, accountants, business consultants etc but want to retain limited liability.

*Some types of businesses cannot be registered as a PBC e.g. pharmacies, security companies or financial services company since the requirements of the MCAZ, MOHA or the RBZ don’t accommodate a PBC. 

Do I need to live in Zimbabwe to register a company?
You do not necessarily need to be a resident or citizen of Zimbabwe to register a company. Non-residents can register a company, but they are required to appoint a resident director who is ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe. This resident director can be a Zimbabwean or a foreigner with a valid work permit. The company also needs to have a registered office in Zimbabwe where postal mails of the company are sent.

Therefore, if you are a non-resident and wish to register a company in Zimbabwe, you will need to comply with the regulations regarding the appointment of a resident director and the requirement for a registered office in Zimbabwe.

If you do not have any of the above, do not worry; take advantage of our Non-Resident Packages which will cater for non-residents’ needs.

What do I need to register a company in Zimbabwe?
To register a company in Zimbabwe using our service you will need the following information:

  1. Company Names: A list of 3-5 unique and acceptable company names. The names should not be similar to any existing registered company or infringe on any trademark or intellectual property rights.
  2. Directors and Shareholders information: Names, national identity number and addresses of at least 2 Directors and at least 1 Shareholder of the company. At least 1 director must be a ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe but can be any national i.e. Zimbabwean or a foreigner and must have an address in Zimbabwe. The shareholders can be individuals or corporate entities.
  3. Company addresses: A physical address in Zimbabwe at which legal process may be served and a postal to which postal articles may be sent and an email address to which electronic mail may be sent.
  4. Objects of the company: A summary of the business intents of the Company e.g., mining, farming, retailing, etc.
    How long does it take to register a company in Zimbabwe?
    With us, it will only take you 5 minutes to complete your company registration form online or at our office. This will include the details of your new company. Then, we’ll conduct a name search to determine the availability of your proposed company names. The name search results are usually out within 24 working hours. We will prepare the company documents and forward them to the Companies Registry for registration. They usually take between 7 to 9 working days to incorporate your company. However, if if you need your company earlier, communicate with us so we can arrange an express service.
    Can I register a company online in Zimbabwe?
    Yes you can register a company online in Zimbabwe through RYC’s simple online company registration procedure. Start by choosing a company structure, choose a registration package, provide some information and leave the rst to us.

      Are there any hidden costs?
      No, there are no hidden costs in registering a company with Register Your Company. All the fees and costs associated with registering a company with us are the fees you see on our website. Our fees include:

      1. Name search fee: To conduct a search for your company name and reserve it.
      2. Registration fees: This is a fee paid to the Registrar of Companies for the registration of your company.
      3. Consultancy fees: Our fees for preparation and filing of the company documents.
      Can 1 person register a company in Zimbabwe?
      Yes, one person can register a company in Zimbabwe. The Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:31) allows for the registration of a private business corporation with a single director and shareholder who is known as a member. This type of company is commonly referred to PBC.

      It is important to note that even though a PBC might have only one member, the company is still required to comply with all legal and [regulatory requirements, such as registering for tax, filing tax returns and other regulatory requirements.

      What happens after my company is registered?
      Once your company has been registered, you will receive a notification from our customer care desk telling you that your company has been registered. You will then be requested to collected the documents at our offices or we can deliver them to your preferred address.
      What is a company registration agent?
      A company registration agent is a company that provides services to assist individuals or organizations in registering a company. Register Your Company is a reputable for providing the following services:

      1. Preparing and filing the necessary documents with the Companies Registry
      2. Conducting a name search and name reservations
      3. Advising on the appropriate company structure
      4. Assisting with compliance and regulatory requirements
      5. Assist with opening a bank account
      6. Provide on going support
      7. etc
      Why use a company registration agent?
      Registering a company is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires preparation and filing different documents complying with Zimbabwe’s regulatory requirements. However, working with a company registration agent such as Register Your Company saves you the time and hassle of handling the process yourself.

      Register Your Company provides the best guidance on the most suitable company structure for your business and takes care of the preparation and lodging of all the paperwork leaving you with peacwe of mind.

      What are the company registration documents?

      Company registration documents confirm that your company exists as a separate legal entity. The documents differ depending on the type of company you register.

      If you register a Private Limited Company you will receive:

      • Certificate of incorporation
      • CR 5 (list of addresses)
      • CR 6 (list of directors)
      • Memorandum and Articles of Association

      If you register a Private Business Corporation you will receive:

      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • CR 28 (Statement of Incorporation)

      Are you ready to Register Your Company?

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