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Company re-registration procedure – summary

The Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32) require all existing companies which were registered before February 22, 2020, to re-register with the Registrar of Companies within a period of 12 months.

Company re-registering in Zimbabwe is a complex process that needs assistance from professionals.

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Company re-registration service in Zimbabwe – how it works

Re-registering a Company

    Completion and submission of the 10th schedule

    Application for re-registration of a company or PBC.

    Company re-registration minutes – minutes for a board meeting where the company re-registration is accepted and passed, in accordance with the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32).

    Company re-registration resolution – company re-registration resolution by the shareholders to re-register 

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      Company re-registration in Zimbabwe Frequently Asked Questions

      How long will the company re-registration take?

      Once we have all the information from you that we require, you will receive the documentation required to start the process within 48 working hours.

      Company re-registration will take 24 working hours.

      Why are we re-registering our companies?

      All Zimbabwean registered companies are required to re-register because of 2 reasons namely—

      1. To establish a new and updated register of companies and private business corporations;
      2. To expunge apparently defunct business entities from the register, that is to say a company or private business corporation which appears to the Registrar to be defunct because—
        (i) it is not submitting to the Registrar the statutory returns and notices required by the repealed Acts and this Act; and
        (ii) it appears to the Registrar to be inactive, that is to say it is not being operated or is not active in business.
      What happens if I don't re-register my company?

      Your company risks being struck off the companies register and you will not be able to trade using the company. Also, your company name will be available to anyone who would want to use it.

      When is the deadline of re-registering companies?

      Every Zimbabwean registered company should be re-registered by 13 February 2023.

      Initially, all companies should have been re-registered by 13 February 2021 however, the deadline has been moved to 13 February 2023.

      Here is what the law says regarding the shifting of the dealines.

      Section 303(9) of the new Companies Act has been effectively amended as follows:

      “In subsection (9) by deletion of “A company or private business corporation referred to in subsection (8), must within a period of twelve months from the effective date” and the substitution of “A company or private business corporation referred to in subsection (8), but not one referred to in subsection (23), must no later than the 13th February, 2023”

      What information will you need?

      We will need your company name and company number.

      What are the consequences of not re-registering my company?

      If you do not re-register your company by the deadline, your company will aoyomatically be removed from the Companies Registry Companies Register.

      What information do you need to start the process?

      We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of support. Please feel free to contact us before, during, or after you have used us to de-register your company by phone or email.

      Can I re-register my company on my own?

      You might try to re-register your company but, given the complex requirements of the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32), we recommend that you use an experienced advisory service like that which we offer at Register Your Company.

      Are PBC's also being re-registered?

      Yes they are also being re-registered. Infact, all companies are being re-registered.

      What happens to my company number?

      When you re-register your company, your company number will definitly change.

      What happens to my company number?

      When you re-register your company, your company number will definitly change.

      What help can you provide?

      In addition to the service, our experts are available via email, WhatsApp or call for support and advice at no extra charge.

      I registered my company with another agent, can I use your company re-registration service?

      Absolutly yes! Our company re-registration service can be utilised by any Zimbabwean registered company.

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